The Trojan Marching Band relies on donors to travel to all the away games, look and sound its best, and reward members for the hundreds of hours they devote to The Spirit of Troy.


This year we launched a $15 million USC Trojan Marching Band Initiative Honoring the Legacy of Dr. Arthur C. Bartner. Please read below to learn how you can support The Greatest Marching Band in the History of the Universe.


A Case for Support

General Scholarships
The Spirit of Troy is deeply dedicated to representing the university’s ideals, but the band’s schedule makes it difficult for students to work part-time to offset their tuition and living expenses. By raising $5 million for the band scholarship endowment, we can recognize every band member for his or her commitment to the program. We invite you to honor the band’s unparalleled service to USC by playing a key role in safeguarding its future. Click here to make an online donation.

Goal: $5.0 million


Travel Endowment
Trojan football players depend on the band to inspire them at stadiums across the country. The Spirit of Troy is one of the few college bands in the nation that raises the majority of its football travel budget itself. With your help, more band members will be able to participate in these travel opportunities to continue supporting USC Football’s legacy of success. Click here to make an online donation. 

Goal: $6.0 Million


Instrument Endowment
In 2006, The Spirit of Troy purchased a matching set of instruments for every band member. This greatly improved the sound and look of the band. Your support of the instrument endowment will fund repairs and instrument replacement every 10 years to protect the band’s signature sound in perpetuity. Click here to make an online donation.

Goal: $2.0 Million


Uniform Endowment
The trademark of the USC Trojan Marching Band is its striking uniform and world-famous helmet. Uniforms and helmets are replaced every eight years, with upcoming replacement costs expected to exceed $300,000. Supporting the USC Trojan Marching Band Uniform Endowment will help protect one of the most recognizable and cherished symbols of USC’s past, present and future. Click here to make an online donation.

Goal: 2.0 Million


TMB Pavilion Locker & Bench Sponsorships
Support the USC Trojan Marching Band Travel Endowment with the sponsorship of a locker or bench in the new space. Click here to make a donation! 


If you are interested in making a transformative gift, or sponsoring a home football game halftime show (click here for more information), please contact the Trojan Marching Band at 213-740-7879.