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Section Leaders

Taran Gupta

Taran is a rising senior at USC and will be returning as a 4th-year member in the band. He is currently studying Biological Sciences with a minor in East Asian Languages and Cultures. He is also in a Progressive Degree Program in the Global Medicine Department.

Originally from Dallas, Texas, Taran has been a musician for as long as he can remember. He initially started as a piano player when he was very young before bouncing around to different instruments at the end of his elementary school years. In 6th grade, he settled on playing the French horn which he has been playing since. After accepting his admittance to USC, Taran continued to play music, joining the mellophone section. He loves being part of the TMB as he gets to play at unique and exciting events and places while doing so alongside some of his closest friends. 


Anthony Guzman

My name is Anthony Guzmán and I am a current junior double majoring in Earth Science and Data Science. Despite the fact that I grew up in the San Fernando Valley area, I decided to stay local and attend USC so that I could rediscover my birthplace of LA County in a way I could not take advantage of when I was younger. Participating with the band has allowed me to accomplish that goal and more. (I had never flown in a plane until I joined the TMB!)

My favorite memory with the band was when we beat San Jose State my freshman year. We played horn calls on the field as the football team walked away from us and towards the setting sun over the Coliseum. That was the moment I began to understand the American tradition of football. 

I am currently doing research to help combat environmental racism within low-income neighborhoods such as the one I grew up in. I have also served as a tutor for all kinds of people from South Central high schoolers to USC student-athletes, an experience which has taught me how to be a more empathetic being.

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