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Section Leaders

Marcus Lopez

Marcus Lopez is an academic junior majoring in Law, History, and Culture with a double minor in Natural Science and Law and Migration Studies. He is a third year band member, and plays the snare drum for the USC drumline.

Marcus’s favorite memory while in the band was the full band trip to Chicago for the Notre Dame game. He’s gone twice now with the band, but his favorite trip was from when he was a freshman. Exploring the city of Chicago, and then traveling to Indiana to support the team against the Fighting Irish was a blast!

Marcus joined the band because he loves drumming. After learning more about USC, he realized USC had everything he wanted; the greatest marching band in the history of the universe (EVER!), an awesome location, and awesome academic opportunities!

A little fun fact about Marcus is that in 2023, he competed in indoor drumline. He was a bass drummer for Meraki Percussion, and went on to win the 2023 WGI World Championship!

Jonathon Maher

Jonathon Maher, 2023 Drumline section leader

Jonathon Maher is a senior studying industrial and systems engineering from Geneva, Illinois. He is a fourth-year band member and plays quads in the drumline. 

He chose USC for the engineering program, and he always wanted to go to school in California. Jonathon was on the fence about continuing band in college, but after the first few days of band camp, he knew he found something special in the TMB. 

His favorite trip was to Chicago and Notre Dame in 2021, and his favorite memory was beating UCLA in 2022 at the Rose Bowl.

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