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Section Leaders

Kamryn Scott

My name is Kamryn Scott, and this is my third year at USC and in the band. I am a double major in Anthropology and Non-Governmental Organizations and Social Change, with a minor in Social Entrepreneurship. 

I chose USC because of the Trojan Family, incredible academics and sports teams, the location, but also the band. I’ve played trombone since the fifth grade, picking it because it was the biggest wind instrument offered at the time — little did I know I would still be playing it in college. The program radiated positive energy while giving me an opportunity to feel the strength of the Trojan family. I automatically joined a new family when I joined the band, and I truly couldn’t imagine my college experience any other way. 

My favorite memory in the band was traveling to Catalina for the 2023 Fourth of July Parade. This was such an incredible experience. We soaked up the sun, paddle-boarded, celebrated the Fourth, and really just had an amazing time!

Sean Cooney

Sean Cooney is a third-year at USC and in the band. He is studying Trombone Performance with a minor in Music Production at the Thornton School of Music. One of the main reasons Sean chose USC was because he wanted to study with Terry Cravens, the trombone professor at Thornton. However, what really sold him was the culture and spirit of the USC community. He was intrigued by the band’s central role in USC’s culture, which he saw first hand when the band Zoom-bombed the Explore SC he attended while stuck at home during the pandemic. So of course, when he decided to go to USC, he knew he had to join the marching band.

Luckily for Sean, his favorite band memory is something he gets to experience every gameday! When the band plays “Conquest” at the end of every pregame show, you can hear the crowd of USC fans yell “Beat the Bruins!” or whatever other opponent the Trojans are facing. When Sean first heard the fans interacting with the band’s performance in this way, it gave him chills. Now, he always tries to keep his ears open during the pregame performances to hear this incredible moment.

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